Here are the rules that our moderators apply :

  • All adverts that are posted on Edis Education must be accompanied by a valid telephone number and email address. Those without these details will be deleted.
  • Edis Education does not expect to see repeat adverts posted within 24 hours of the original advert appearing on the site. Repeated transgression of this rule will result in the user account and any subsequent re-incarnations being blocked.
  • Adverts seeking to provide or seeking the provision of, "questionable" services, will be deleted and the poster given a first and only warning. Any similar and subsequent post will result in the user account being blocked.
  • We expect each user to have only one account when posting adverts. If we discover that a duplicate has been created, both accounts will be blocked
  • Adverts for items that are not permitted in China will be removed and advertisers will be requested to refrain from advertising such items on Edis Education. Further postings for such items will result on the poster’s name being removed from the member's list. Subsequent re-incarnations will also be blocked.
  • We are aware that there are many dubious marketing schemes around. Some of these take the form of offering high returns with little effort. If we suspect that adverts are promoting such schemes, the advert will be removed and the poster blocked.
  • See our separate Jobs portal for advertising teaching vacancies or teachers offering teaching services.
  • It is hoped that you will follow these guidelines which we feel will provide a better experience for the genuine members of Edis Education.
  • Edis Education owners, moderators and administration reserve the right to remove any advert at any time without prior warning or subsequent justification.



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