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Projector MountInsight into projector mounts, various styles, lengths and fittings from many different suppliers with a big spread of prices. Your installer will normally decide what's needed for you but you may be interested in the choices available so that you can influence the decision.

Relatively few mounts are made exclusively for the projector that you buy, but these have the disadvantage of needing to be changed when you replace your projector at some later date as they are not universal mounts, and new projector designs change almost as fast as politicians promises.

Mounts may be wall or ceiling mounted. Wall mounts are for short throw projectors, regular projectors need to be 3-4 metres from the screen so wall mounting is tricky and unsightly.

Walls may be solid brick or concrete or hollow stud walls made of wooden battens covered with plaster board or maybe wood surface or even modern corrugated steel with a covering. If a hollow wall the battens may determine the fixing position of the mount (if a simple straight mount that can't be adjusted)

Ceiling mounts need a solid and secure surface and can't be fitted to ceiling tiles directly, they may need an adjustable bracket to cope with a sloping ceiling. Lengths vary from virtually zero to 3 metres and maybe telescopic or fixed designs. (Telescopic or adjustable designs provide scope to use the mount again either elsewhere or with a replacement projector)

A well designed projector mount will normally have a means of hiding the cables inside (cable management) to improve the look of the installation.

There are two main "universal" styles of fixing a projector to the mount; a slotted plate or moveable “ fingers”, which are adjustable with a selection of projector screws to enable almost any projector to be fitted. I say "almost any" as some projectors are not intended for mounting or only have one threaded fixing for a camera type tripod. A universal joint is needed to rotate and tilt the projector horizontally and vertically. It's important that these fixings are adjustable but also sturdy when tightened to prevent the picture shaking or the projector moving.

An issue when fixed to wood joisted ceilings with floors above is that the projector bounces to the tune of upstair activities (wall mounting would overcome this).

I would check (and ask) if correct fixings are used for the wall or ceiling plate as weakness here will result in the mount falling possibly causing injury to those pupils or teacher below (you may need this information for risk assessment forms too).

Colours of mounts vary but the common colours are silver grey, black or white with a matt or gloss finish (or even chrome !). The choice is yours but matt grey tends to show less dirt and marks over time and is probably the most popular - but even the modest projector mount has fashion fads (as do the colours of projectors that you might want to match !)


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Projectors Mounted


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