Touch Screens Primed to Oust the Whiteboard

screen-qtr-200Multi-touch touchscreens will soon take over from interactive whiteboards in the classroom as their enhanced learning features and lower prices make them the first choice for both new installs and replacements for life expired projector systems.

Touch screens are brighter, tougher and now lower cost than most whiteboard systems. Using direct finger touch they have the function, feel and touch of an iPad – no need for a special pen or stylus, though the pen provided increases the accuracy and makes drawing a real snip.

No need for a projector, with it's expensive cables and power socket, which casts shadows on the screen as students approach and shines its light into the eyes of anyone at the front of the classroom. Touchscreens operate well in bright light conditions unlike the projector systems which suffer from stray external light sources.

See full article by David Edis-Bates here ....



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