Ash Grove Primary School leaps up the league tables

Ash Grove Primary School - MacclesfieldAsh Grove second most improved in the country and most improved in North!

Figures recently published by The Department of Education in the UK show that Ash Grove Primary School in Macclesfield is the second most improved school in the country and is the most improved school in Cheshire and the North of England.


When comparing the percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level in English and Maths in 2009 with the results achieved in 2011, Ash Grove improved by a massive 77 percentage points.  The school has shot into the top 50 schools out of 122 primaries in Cheshire East and it is now amongst the best performing schools in Macclesfield.


Head of Governors Sue Bowen is delighted with the results:


“This is incredible news. In 2008 the school hit rock bottom and was given a 3 year timescale in which to make major changes to avoid closure.  For the sake of children and families on the Moss estate we began the fight to keep the school open. The achievements of the teaching team are quite remarkable. However, whilst these results are grabbing the headlines, the school is about much more than that…the whole culture has changed, Ash Grove is now a happy place, where children learn effectively and develop in every aspect.”


Head Teacher, Kevin Simpson, who joined the school in September 2009 commented:


“This has been an amazing time in the school’s 75 year history and facilitating the many changes necessary has only been possible with the unstinting dedication of staff and the governors.  We now have a school that we, the children and their families are immensely proud of.”


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