New China Language Recruitment

At NCL wNew China Recruitmente are committed to providing an exceptional recruitment service for our candidates across the world and our clients based in China. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with teachers and find the best possible teaching posts to meet immediate and long term career goals. With our clients, we want to fully understand their current and long term goals as teaching institutes and provide the best trained, most professional teachers from around the world.

We will prepare you for;
  • We want you to feel safe and secure when choosing a teaching post. The last thing you want is to feel alone and unsure when arriving in a foreign country.
  • Every aspect of the teaching post (including expectations from the employer, size of institute, student profile, course syllabus, working schedule & working environment)
  • Renumeration package (including accommodation)
  • Advice with the VISA process
  • An induction or orientation and what to expect culturally & socially

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