EduSim 3D Virtual World for Interactive Classroom

Edusim is a free 3D multi-user virtual world platform and authoring toolkit intended for interactive whiteboards or Touch Screens in the classroom (equally powerful on the students laptop or desktop computers !).


Edusim has been tested and works on the Smartboard, Activeboard, Interwriter, Polyvision, Mimio, eBeam, and Wiimote Whiteboards. Edusim is extendable allowing multiple classrooms to connect their interactive whiteboards for collaborative learning session. Edusim as a concept seeks to model a new way to engage student through "immersive touch" by leveraging 3D virtual environments on an interactive surface.

Turn your classroom into an advanced visualization lab using your interactive whiteboard and Edusim !



Link to Edusim here where you can download the software and find articles and resources

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