Snowflake multi-touch desktop software



Snowflake Software Suite

 multi-touch software comes with over 25 applications. Snowflake Suite is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac and operates on virtually all multi-touch hardware technology platforms. Create that iPhone or iPad experience in the classroom


What others think about Snowflake

"Our objective is to create multi-touch systems for the masses, so we tested many multi-touch software solutions. After intensive research we concluded that Snowflake is the best multi-touch software solution that is available in the market. We tested software on a wide range of hardware configurations and Snowflake passed all tests with flying colors. Snowflake is higher performance in comparison to other multi-touch software solutions, as it responses faster to touches and gestures. It has a friendly user interface and even customizing the entire look and feel of the suite is easy. It has all the features one expects from a multi-touch environment."

Charles Aquilina MFMO, Kordin, Paola, Malta

"Delivering your audience with that "iPhone" or "iPad" experience is absolutely critical in today's touch market. Snowflake gives our customers the chance to get a "feel" for our products and get a sense for the touch screen response time, gesturing, accuracy and multi-touch. The Snowflake platform gives users the experience that they have come to expect. Sometimes people don't realize how important application software is to the interactive experience – it has the ability to make or break a product. Snowflake software gives us the opportunity to communicate how our products respond to touch better than some of the other programs out there! "
Kelly M. Leff Marketing Director, Touch International (USA)






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