Moodle2Primary School e-Learning

Create exciting interactive courses online from your own lessons !

Teachers in primary schools have their own content for lessons but not necessarily in a digital form and they may lack the skill and time needed to put that content online to make it exciting and interactive for their classes 

That is where we come in - we convert the content of your lessons, make them interactive and set them up in Moodle for use on interactive whiteboards, touchscreens and tablets as well as being accessible by pupils at home

We've created a Primary School Moodle that's just waiting for your lessons to be uploaded

Primarty School Moodle is a fully Loaded Primary School System

Moodle e-Learning with lessons in all subjects in every Year Group for each term of the school year. You can copy & paste additional content into your area too from the huge Resources by Subject included with the installation

Easy to get started

The entire system comes ready to use with zones for pupils, teachers, parents and governors. No set-up needed just use the pre-configured resources and go

Fully supported

Moodle software is free – we install and configure the system for you and provide ongoing support. You needn't worry about the technical aspects of running moodle, you get help with a full administrator service adding users and setting up roles, access, forums, chat rooms etc.

Moodle e-Learning without effort

Moodle from School Website Now system is designed for Primary schools. Avoid the enormous time, effort and difficulties of learning how to set-up and use Moodle and then attempting to implement it yourselves. Have your own Moodle e-Learning system fully operational quickly, quietly and ready to go.

See example site here

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