Prepare for university overseas 中文

These three courses prepare you for applying, travelling, studying and living overseas to study at school or university

Part 1 - Apply for your university place overseas

This part completes the application process for universities in the UK, USA or Australia (and also countries like Singapore and Canada).

You will learn and understand the complex choices in choosing and applying for the best course at the right university, preparing the documents, personal statements and references, securing a place, attending an interview and accepting an offer.

For more specific English language learning please see our ESOL and IELTS courses which cover pre-sessional and post graduate Academic English.

This course is available online enrol here for US$10 - you can pay using Paypal

Part 2 - Avoid Culture Shock & Failure

This part covers vital cultural, living and studying differences to prepare you for overseas study. On completing this course you will understand what to expect when you arrive at the foreign school, university or host family.

The course uses blended learning where a qualified Tutor works with a small group of up to 6 students at a time. The course is both practical and informative involving group work to develop speaking skills, confidence building and understanding of cultural differences, learning is provided through practical sessions, discussion and on-line interactive learning.

Many Chinese students find study overseas to be a very different experience to what they expect and some fail to start their main course or complete their studies and are rejected by the university because they are inadequately prepared prior to leaving China. This course provides students with induction training prior to leaving China giving them the opportunity to succeed, pass their exams and integrate into a global environment.

The three main difficulties highlighted by Asian international students are: different learning styles, cultural barriers and language problems. Our course addresses these issues

This course is available online enrol here for US$10 - you can pay using Paypal

Part 3 - Passport, Visa, Immigration and Travel

This part of the course is about learning how to travel alone and passing the difficult immigration interview at the foreign border control so that you are not sent back to China.

Learn what to take with you, what to leave behind and how to avoid problems with customs officials.

This course is available online enrol here for US$10 - you can pay using Paypal




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