English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Our Pre-Sessional or EAP Academic English programs are designed to greatly improve a students general academic English levels thereby providing a greater chance of acceptance into a Western university, or other English speaking higher educational institutions. The course is based on the pre-sessional English required to be taken before commencing your degree course at university (often 4-12 weeks or longer)

The standard of EAP Summer courses can vary enormously at overseas universities, and of the 180,000 Chinese students who study in the UK some 20% fail. Our course is a full EAP course created to prepare students so that they are ready and well prepared to pass their EAP course overseas.

Our course is designed to introduce students to pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes and the course is very similar to the course students will take overseas, the difference is that here students will have their own private tutor to help them understand what is required, and completing our course will greatly improve student chances of success in an English speaking university’s English for Academic Purposes pre-sessional program.

See the full introduction to our EAP course here

For Language Schools and ex-pat teachers please ask how this course can be included in your learning programmes. Contact us here

For Students wanting to take the course on-line The course is available online enrol here - you can pay using Paypal





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