Classroom Tablets – Myths and Misconceptions debunked

Using Apps on tablets is the last thing a teacher or pupil needs in the classroom – Apps are OK for playing games but otherwise they are very very limited with many many drawbacks in the classroom

Responsible interactive teaching and learning is about using e-Learning VLEs on tablets that don't need any Apps or much memory or lots of expensive IT support to set up the tablet before it can be used and ongoing updating to load the latest offerings.

Online e-Learning on your school VLE (like Moodle) has everything you need, including secure and confidential content, tablets that can be used anywhere, assignments can be reviewd online and automatically marked as can homework so teachers can get on with inspired teaching

So forget high powered iPads – all you need is a “Classroom Android Tablet” – no distracting games or access to downloadable Apps on it – the tablet can be pre-configured by the supplier to connect direct to your school VLE with everything else barred to pupils with few if any Apps and controlled access to the internet.

The pupils can login and connect immediately to their own workspace, no distractions to browse off somewhere away from the lesson, fully interactive interesting and exciting class work and assignments, all their work is saved securely, teachers can guide, review work, respond to queries, make notes, check performance of individuals or whole class statistics and use automated marking

The tablets don't need special charging or storage arrangements or system or software updating - they work out of the box and just need connecting to the under-desk power socket just like a PC. They connect automatically to your school VLE using WiFi.

Your VLE will have a text editor and other tools so your pupils don't need Microsoft Office to create documents, they can write and save their work securely and safely online – ready for them everytime they login. They don't need their own or a dedicated tablet as any classroom tablet will connect to their work - a separate keyboard can be connected to speed typing if they don't like the touch keyboard.

The tablet specification will be low which saves costs since high resolution and lots of memory is not needed – everything is online so no high resolution, memory hungry apps are needed, the cost of a 7” tablet is about 1/10th of the cost of an iPad Air and is a much better and controllable teaching tool in the classroom with the same basic technology and content as the touchscreen or interactive whiteboards that your teaching staff are used to.

Yes you can get eight to ten “Classroom Android Tablets” for the price of ONE iPad Air ! And since it's a Classroom Tablet with no interesting apps onboard who would want to steal it ?

A 7” “Classroom Tablet” is an e-learning tool that could be taken home and is affordable for the majority of parents who need not worry that their offspring will download very expensive apps without their knowledge as the shopping feature and non approved sites are barred

Many schools are being very wrongly advised to buy expensive high performance tablets like iPads by those who extol the virtue of Apps, high resolution screens, and 16GB of memory because they make more money from the deal, they sound clueless to me of the real needs of teachers, pupils and school requirements.

Don't be fooled - get "classroom tablets" for all your pupils - not an overpriced, high tech, limited use toy for the few !

David Edis-Bates C.Eng MIET Dip Couns



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