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Hi David

Thank you David for all of your help, the website is beginning to come together I hope you agree.

As for a VLE it is something we would be interested in, but how do we tailor it to our learners and parents. The vast majority of our stuff is driven by individuals.

I am about to start a blogging component for ICT is there a way that we could create secure environment with logins managed by ourselves for students to create their own blog add video images and text?

Also a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now is how do I update and manage the links section on the home page? 

Kind regards
John Munro
Cavendish High School

Hi John

Everything you describe, in your email, is available from your own VLE - individual (and secure) blogs, chat rooms, forums and groups in whatever way you want to use them plus Wikis, quizzes, surveys, assignments, databases, glossaries with text, graphics, video, sound and even sound feedback from teachers or others etc etc

It can be tailored for individuals, classes, year groups, teachers and governors, help groups, parents and all of these groups and individuals all at the same time, with individual, group/class, teacher, TA, Manager or mentor logins.

Each part can be as secure and as confidential or as open as you wish ....very very very flexible and very controllable and safe - it is your school's private system available to all users at school or home or anywhere on the web and to others that you grant access to.

It can be a very individual tool for users whether they are pupils, teachers, tutors, staff, admin, visitors, governors, helpers, carers, school's nurse, sports coaches, OFSTED inspectors, pupils and staff on activities outside school and on visits or whoever you choose to give controlled access to – and it can also cover things like Health & Safety, school policies, SEN and statementing etc for these groupings

AND it can be used for teacher training courses in whatever topic – Health & Safety or child safeguarding issues, for example – it's secure and confidential and info can be held that is only accessible by those with authority and approved to use it.

I'm going on a bit but it is an enormously creative environment for teaching and much much more

I hope this whets your appetite as you don't need to think of it as a regimented and rigid teaching system - it's not - it's more flexible than any paper based system I've ever come across (I was a moderator for some Manchester University courses, in the past, and just wish that I'd had a VLE then for holding the curricula, lesson plans, exam results and lecturers notes on students and my moderation reports all online)

No doubt speak to you some more on this - the first step would be to upload a system that you and we could play with together to develop a system for you

Sorry I forgot about the links page editing. Would this VLE link help ? You can login as guest This is one of our own VLE sites used for demos


Kind regards



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