How to improve your School Website Ranking

google1What you can do 

  1. Ask everyone in school to search for the school name on Google, ignore the old site name – your new name will usually have .org at the end. Then click on the link and go to your new school website – this will increase the searches and ranking.

  2. Ask parents to search for the new school website from home

  3. When using your Moodle VLE ask the users to goto the Moodle site from your School Website link

  4. Keep your school website alive - make sure that you change and add things to your website every week ! Share the load so that everyone gets involved and the website is useful and an interesting place for new parents, pupils, staff and even those that have left your school

  • You could have class champions who put new articles, news, events and so on for their class or they persuade others to contribute
  • You could have team champions who write about school sports events and update the website
  • You can ask teachers to regularly update their class pages on the website
  • You can report on school progress, Ofsted reports, exam results, school visits
  • The school nurse could have a regularly update page for reminders and key dates etc
  • The school newsletter should be updated at least once per term – nominate someone to do this
  • You could have newsletters for each class
  • Add new pictures to the picture gallery at least every term
  • Keep your calendar up to date with dates and events
  • Ask for some input from the School Governors each term and add this to the Governors page
  • Ask the PTA to put all their events and news on the website as it happens
  • Ask local community partners like the Church, Police, Doctors etc to provide articles or news and events
  • Ask local Community partners and maybe your local secondary school to put a link to your website
  • Make sure all your school policies are on line and update them with the latest versions
  • Add any new staff to the teachers page – update photos – you could include a short bio for each teacher
  • Add a Twitter feed so that school news or a Blog is published on social media regularly
  • Include a news feed on your website front page that continually updates so it's interesting but also refreshes the page regularly which is what Google looks for when ranking your site


What we can do 

We will already have set-up the search engine optimisation for your website and included metatags for the pages

  1. We can add articles to our Edis Education Website promoting your school and website like this one for Ash Grove Primary School which will have a link back to your school. Send us an article or give us an idea for an article that we can write for you to add to Edis Education

  2. We can publish articles on key article sites which include a link back to your school – again we need some ideas to write an article

  3. We can add a link from showing your school website with a link

  4. We will have already added your website sitemap to Google which helps your website ranking

  5. We will have also added your school website to Google Analytics so you can see the traffic increasing to your school website – this linking also helps ranking. We can provide your login details.

  6. If you have an e-learning Moodle VLE provided by us this will have provided a link back to your school site

Send us your articles to improve your ranking



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