Inadequate Sound Systems in Touchscreens

TouchScreenSoundbarTouchscreens are often supplied with internal speakers that are inadequate for classroom use - the speakers are usually too small, the amplifier power is only 7 to 12 watts per channel and the small eliptical speakers don't face the front so that 80% of the sound energy and about half the volume is lost in the touchscreen casing and since speakers are directional it's important that they always face towards the audience.

Some touchscreens on the market have only 12 watts per channel and face sideways equivalent to only 6 watts and even 80 watt touchscreens are equivalent to only 40 watt speakers or less.

The reason for the low and poor quality of Touchscreen sound systems in a classroom is that touchscreens are designed as TVs with a touch feature added so the sound system is designed for use in a sitting room where the listener sits close to the screen so the sound levels are lower and don't need to project to the back of a much larger classroom filled with students

An answer to this is to use forward facing speakers at the right height - the height of your listeners ears. A soundbar fixed under the touchscreen is the best solution as the speakers can be large enough, the speakers face forward at the correct level and the sound output can be designed to suit young peoples hearing for voice at the correct sound level without distortion and the sound reflections caused by sideways facing speakers. Additional speakers can be wired to the rear of the classroom to ensure uniform sound levels ideally at 75dBA (15dB above normal speech) if the classroom is abnormally deep (more than 6 metres).

David Edis-Bates C.Eng MIET Dip Couns


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