Broadcast Headsets

Broadcast IR System enable students or other audiences to listen to a sound broadcast using an unlimited number of headphones. It consists of an IR sender, a bit like a WiFi access point that transmits sound via Infra Red (IR) to special IR headsets

The headphones are switchable with two channels so that the sound broadcast could be heard in a choice of two languages for instance with a wireless microphone system used by the teacher or presenter which can be heard over the top of the broadcast sound.

The system is particularly effective for exam type tests where a spoken narrative needs to be heard clearly, or for translation services.

Other systems such as bluetooth do not work in a Broadcast mode as each headset has to be connected (paired) to a separate local PC or sender individually one by one to make a connection via a computer netwook and Bluetooth only has a very limited range unsuitable for many classroom, lecture theatre or auditorium environments.

Wired headsets would work in the similar way to Bluetooth but at a much lower cost but need either a computer network and local PC for connection or separate audio cabling.

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