e-Learning for Primary Schools

Moodle e-learning is absolutely brilliant but is not usually an off the shelf item for Primary Schools UNLESS you get a version of Moodle just for Primary Schools with lessons and all the content you need configured into Year Groups, Subjects, and Lessons for each term.

Moodle lets you keep all your lessons online with links to interactive sites, with learning games and lesson content. You can use it directly in the classroom on an Interactive Whiteboard or Touch Screen or individually on PC or laptop. Pupils can see their work at home and show mum and dad too !



As you probably know, Moodle is Open Source, the software is FREE it just needs loading and setting up for your users, so it is the lowest cost e-learning system available. It's also the most popular and by far the most used e-learning system in the World with everything that goes with that - continuous improvements and huge amounts of help and advice for teachers.

Ofsted put a tick in your box if you use Moodle - and if you use a special Primary School Moodle your pupils will gain enormous benefit and excellent learning outcomes not to mention the ease of use for you


School Website Now specialise in School website design and have created a version of Moodle just for Primary Schools. You can see the full features and a demonstation of their Moodle for Primary Schools here. School Website Now set-up Primary School Moodle for you on your school website, they can also host it on a server if you like, they upload all your users - this Primary School version includes masses of resources with lessons already set up in year groups and subjects and it's easy to add new content from the resources area to your own lessons


You can contact School Website Now here for more details and costs - They have a 25% off Summer Special this year




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