Thanksgiving party

More than 47 foreign ex-pat and Chinese teachers and private school owners enjoyed celebrating a really great Thanksgiving turkey buffet and party at the Crown Plaza hotel in Zhanjiang on Thursday 27th November thanks to the magnificent efforts of Gil Gray who organised the party for us all

Thank you Gil for a great time !

Sheila Walker - Tyncan Learning visits Zhanjiang

Sheila Walker delighted us with her company again on her second visit to Zhanjiang to meet old friends, well they were not all that old and many new friends. The main purpose of Sheila's visit was to finalise plans for an interactive e-Learning package for pre-school children in China that Tyncan Learning in Newcastle-on-Tyne in the UK and Edis Education here in China are jointly developing.

Shelia was attending a trade mission organised by the UKTI with visits to Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as staying for a week with us in Zhanjiang.

A number of local Kindergartens and private schools met Sheila and showed great interest in the opportunity to be involved with a truly interactive English teaching class for their children that can be used at school and at home. 

Phil Hubert visits Zhanjiang

Phil Hubert visited Zhanjiang from UK again during August, September and October, his third visit over the past three years, to help local schools and to encourage them to use his immersive and activity based style in their English language teaching.

Phil is an emeritus teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, still very much involved with projects and teaching at Calthorpe Academy in Birmingham, a Ski instructor for schools, especially special needs schools, visiting France, and a keen hockey player.

Phil's visits to China started in 2010 following two 12 month visits to the UK by Lily Ye who was Chinese Language Assistant at Calthorpe School (now Calthorpe Academy) and pursuaded Phil to travel to Zhanjiang to help #20 Middle School and then #4 Middle School, (both exceptional and innovative schools led by Mr Jianping Chen their Head Teacher)

Lily, a teacher at #20 Middle School, is travelling back to Birmingham this February and this time taking her family to meet her many friends and colleagues in the UK - she is a great ambassador for England and new teaching methods in China.

We hope to see Phil next year - expecting that he qualifies for a place in the England over 65's hockey team but still finds time to visit us again and wish Lily and her family every success on her visit to the UK

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